I’m Kenyon Gradert, currently a Volkswagen research fellow at Universität Heidelberg’s Center for American Studies, where I’m finishing a book on abolitionist writers and planning another on the Melville Revival. I earned my PhD in English from Washington University in St. Louis.

I teach and research U.S. and African-American literature, in particular the afterlives of abolitionism, Puritanism, and transcendentalism from the 19th-century to today. When useful, I supplement archival work with digital tools: I’m a former fellow of both the New England Regional Fellowship Consortium, which supported my work in Boston archives, and the Humanities Digital Workshop, where I developed DH curricula and faculty projects alongside my own work. My research has appeared in The New England Quarterly and several encyclopedia projects, supported by grants from the Massachusetts Historical Society and the Volkswagen Foundation.

I’ve served as an award-winning instructor at Wash U and a visiting professor at Deep Springs College, home of the “cowboy scholar.” Occasionally, I write for popular publications and blog about my work.